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Larry and Nicole in Maui

I’m Dr. Larry Cornett, a psychologist who loves to research what inspires and motivates people to live their best lives. I spent decades in the corporate world and thought climbing the career ladder to become an executive would make me happy. Spoiler alert: It did not.

I found myself wanting more, so I’ve spent the past 13+ years creating the life I want. It involved:

  • Rebuilding my relationships with my wife and children.

  • Leaving my 9-5 job and launching my own business.

  • Recovering my health and fitness.

  • Moving where I could enjoy more time outdoors and escape the crowding and nightmare traffic of the Bay Area in California.

  • Becoming more intentional with how I live my life every day.

My wife and I are focused on creating the most amazing life we can, for ourselves and our children, while helping others we care about do the same.

Every year gets better and better as we learn more about:

  • Who we really are, as individuals and a couple.

  • What we want most in life, for us and our children.

  • How to create strategies to achieve our goals.

  • How to find the paths forward that will take us to the life we envision.

We want you to experience this too! Join us. We’d love to help.

In this newsletter, we share with you what we’ve learned — and continue to learn. Life is a journey and we all face new challenges every year. But, you don’t have to do it alone!

Join us and let’s find the best path forward for you. I hope my advice will help you pursue the life of your dreams so you can be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.

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